Buyout of your cellar

There are situations when it is worthwhile or even essential to part with some or all of your bottles of wine. What are these situations? How to make a bottle buyback ? We tell you everything in this article dedicated to redemption of wine.

Why sell your cellar?

Selling your wine is not an easy task. Many individuals and professionals want to resell their bottles of wine. Here are the most common reasons:

  • To avoid a loss: if you have inherited a wine cellar or simply have reached too large a volume, it is better to sell them rather than let them lose value. If your storage conditions are not appropriate or if the wines are in a downward phase;
  • To meet a personal need: the sale of a wine cellar provides you with liquidity quickly, thus being able to get you out of a bad financial situation, or allowing you to finance a new project;
  • To have new wines: your tastes in wines have evolved and you want to convert your old wines into new ones that give you more satisfaction.
  • To renew your cellar;

The process of buying a cellar?

Before considering a possible buyout of wine cellar, estimating your bottles is essential and there is no shortage of experts in the field. We can provide you with your cellar estimate and the process is very simple. First of all, you just need to send us the list of your bottles, with some information, such as:

  • Their domain
  • Their vintage (year of wine)
  • Their format
  • The condition of the labels
  • The condition of the caps / capsules
  • The level of wines
  • Their photo (case by case, everything will depend on the vintage)


Contacts to sell your wines (send your file and / or call):

079 720 48 27  //