Burgundy Côte d'Or "Chardonnay" - Domaine Philippe Cordonnier 2021 Magnum

The domain

The Domaine Philippe Cordonnier is located in the heart of Burgundy, in Coast of Nights, in the municipality of Corgoloin. It is the fruit of the will of a man who, on the strength of his experience as a winegrower, decided to create in 2009 his own wine estate.

This great and exciting adventure was born from his determination to put all his skills to the benefit of his own identity. Going through the doors of Domaine Philippe Cordonnier means entering an environment that combines modernity, tradition and know-how. It is to discover the wines of Terroirs.

Format : 150 cl

 Country: France

Region: Burgundy

Culture : He was

Grape: Chardonnay

Tasting: Golden color, full mouth, citrus aroma.

Original wooden case 3 bottles

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