Champagne Louis Roederer - Cristal Rosé Brut Vintage 1995

The domain

Always family, the house Louis Roederer leans on a vineyard rare, admirably situated with a high proportion of vines classified as Grand cru (70%). Despite the global success of Cristal, its cuvée of prestige, the House Roederer has always refused to embark on a race for the quantities produced, preferring to remain in control of a supply that relies almost exclusively on an owned vineyard (an exception at this level!). The result is champagnes very focused on purity and uprightness, with wines which gain enormously in complexity with aging: do not hesitate to put each of the cuvées in the cellar, because the breed of the terroirs and the finesse of the vinifications are revealed in a way spectacular with time !


Format: Single box

 Country: France

Region: Champagne

Culture : Conventional farming

Pinot noir, Chardonnay

Tasting: Light pink color with copper reflections. Fine and elegant effervescence. Nose both delicate and intense: a sort of kaleidoscope of fresh fruit (strawberry, vine peach, morello cherry) and dried fruit with in particular hints of lightly toasted chestnuts. After a few minutes, it is still the fruit that dominates (blackcurrant, raspberry) this time associated with slight resinous and iodized notes typical of Champagne autolysis.
Delicate, fresh and chiselled palate. The attack is a veritable explosion of tangy citrus fruits (blood orange, mandarin, yuzu) supported by a matrix of juicy and sweet fruit reminiscent of gingerbread and honey. The chalky and saline freshness draws a precise and slender fuselage, an impression of great elegance. The finish is more full-bodied with a firm structure and citrus peel.

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